Working Together to Enhance Performance and Competitive Position

Over 20 years of operational experience has taught us that if something doesn't add value, there's no point in doing it. The same holds true for our role relative to our acquired companies. While we are not micromanagers, we also are not absentee owners. Clover Creek Partners prefers to work through the CEO and corporate level management to enhance the competitive position and performance of a company.

To help any business advance forward and/or guide the turnaround of an under performing company, Clover Creek Partners utilizes processes that have been proven successful. These include:

Sound board governance practices

An outside board is a tremendous asset and is often overlooked in small and medium sized companies. Clover Creek Partners has built up a wide network of experienced professionals from which to draw individuals to establish a board of advisors for each of our companies. The role of these boards will be the development of expectations and oversight to make sure our companies are not only doing things right, but also doing the right things. These working boards will be focused on future objectives and outcomes as well as actual performance.

Formalized planning process focused on growth

We believe every company needs at least a three-year planning horizon. These are not onerous exercises. Rather they are roadmaps that start with financial expectations and finish with tactical and strategic initiatives that are a joint collaboration and owned together by the board, the CEO and the management team.

Robust cost accounting and financial reporting systems

Every company must know what their products cost. Although this is a simple concept, we have seen numerous instances where it is not applied. In addition, Clover Creek Partners believes in financial reporting systems that track and measure all key cost and revenue drivers, and then communicate this information accurately and in a timely manner to management.

Organizational evaluation and development process

Clover Creek Partners subscribes to competency attributes that can be quantified for every key position in any company. We rank and weight these attributes and use them for the development and evaluation of existing management as well as for recruiting. Our goal is to make sure we have the right people in the right positions, and that when we do hire we can avoid any expensive "misfires."

Lean manufacturing planning and implementation

We believe that manufacturing can grow only through top-down dedication to lean manufacturing, from the CEO's office to the shipping dock. The foundation is value stream mapping of all critical processes and operations to eliminate anything that doesn't add value and reduce the time required to execute any process, whether it is making a part or filling out a purchase order. With a mindset that time wasted is money lost, our dedication to lean manufacturing and commitment to value stream mapping is both systematic and measured.

Capital funding

Our job is to make sure there is adequate funding to run the business and invest in equipment, processes and people to achieve financial objectives. We want companies to concentrate on improving current and future operational performance. Clover Creek Partners will secure the optimum balance of funding through a network of investors and banking partners to ensure success.

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