Our Investors

To the investor who is seeking portfolio options, Clover Creek Partners provides a worthwhile vehicle. Your investment in our companies will truly be Main Street – a business that you may see in your community, with products or sevices you will recognize and employees you might know. Your investment will be secure in the knowledge that we are operating people first and foremost. We not only read and understand financial statements – we read through them, right down to the factory floor. We know what drives our companies, what makes money and what does not. Clover Creek Partners understands the difference between micromanagement and good management. We are not absentee owners. We are involved on every level and along with our company managers we sweat the details as much as we dream the vision. We bring both principled governance and reliable and proven operational processes to our businesses to help them grow and produce superior returns for our investors.

Learn about Clover Creek Partners’ commitment to company employees.